SYSTEXX Active stands for products with extra functional uses. These wall coverings are the answer to special requirements (e.g., for old buildings, schools or company buildings).


Four products that, with the corresponding system adhesive SYSTEXX Active FireProtect Glue, each result in a certified system that reaches fire class A2-s1, d0; that means it’s not flammable! SYSTEMS like SYSTEXX FireProtect, which distinguish themselves through the highest fire classes, can help to extend important escape windows by minutes in case of a fire.


Airborne pollutants that occur indoors are efficiently and sustainably reduced through the absorbent SYSTEXX Absorb wallpaper, which optimises hygiene; it remains effective throughout the entire lifecycle of the wallpaper. It makes the neutralisation of formaldehyde molecules in the atmosphere possible; within just 24 hours after applying the wallpaper, it absorbs 65% of pollutants.

SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm

SYSTEXX AcousTherm noticeably reduces reverberation, absorbs sound waves and at the same time slows down the flow of heat into the masonry. This helps to improve the acoustics of noisy rooms and saves energy into the bargain. An impressive performance for a material which is just 3.0 mm thick. What more can you ask for?

SYSTEXX Active Magnetic

For invisible, magnetically-active presentation surfaces in all formats: This glass fleece and glass fabric has a patented, magnetically active back. Conventional magnets adhere to the visible side.

SYSTEXX Active Whiteboard

The whiteboard finish set has been tested and is recommended for use with SYSTEXX Active M22 and M39. Like a blackboard, it can be cleaned again after writing on it either with the board markers supplied or any other suitable whiteboard markers.

SYSTEXX Active Reno

Wall renovation while business continues – and in 30 – 40% less time: SYSTEXX Active S38 is a glass fabric with a special weave pattern which optically equalizes uneven substrates. It has an intended irregularly structured look and is particularly suitable for wall papering over areas that need to be renovated such as, for example, old glass fabric, structured plaster up to 2 mm, or even tiles.

SYSTEXX Active Logo

Your own company logo as a wall covering, custom-made to your specifications, your corporate identity on the wall – this is SYSTEXX Active L65.

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