Wide format granite tiles

Invisible joints and fascinating fashion of KING SIZE plates from Italian and Spanish brands

We are witnessing an unprecedented invasion, but of an aesthetic type. Development in the field of tiles has never been stagnant, but even before the large size of granite tiles – tiles have reached the peak of their maximum popularity, there are extra large ceramic tiles. Dimensions that could cover almost anything. Thanks to the continuous surface, the large-format tiles give the interiors and exteriors a completely new panoramic vision, where floors, cladding, furniture and work surfaces can merge into one complete ensemble. Where can they be used? In practice, this type of wide format plates have numerous applications, such as:

-floor flooring, for wall coverings, countertops for bathrooms and dressing tables, countertops for dining and living room tables,, floor coverings for shower cabins,lining of bathtubs and jacuzzis,kitchen countertops and backs,complete lining of bathrooms,fireplaces,volumetric decorative walls,exterior cladding and facades,garden corners and furniture,pots and planters,lining in and around pools,countertops and cladding of summer kitchens and barbecues. The main patterns are mimicking, onyx and travertine imitations, monochromatic and neutral surfaces with the effect of various concrete, cement, wood, and stone finishes, metallic effects and variations of aged surfaces. The dimensions of the plates are from 240 cm to 325 cm in length and from 100 to 160 cm in width according to the different manufacturers. Thicknesses are from 6 mm, 12 mm to 20 mm (30 mm only some manufacturers).

There is also the possibility of cutting to individual size when projects require it. Wide-format tiles solve another important problem, curved walls, ceilings, unwanted niches and columns, all these inconveniences are successfully overcome with a short installation process, also very clean and quiet.

Variety of colors and effects

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