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While painting and wallpaper are great ways to tweak the “fifth wall” of your room, there is a third option that maximizes the style of the ceiling with minimal problems. Let’s make a trip to a unique style of the ceiling, which earns a lot of attention in the design community. Welcome to the wonderful world of stretch ceilings!


Stretch ceiling is a suspended style that raises flexibility to new heights, both figuratively and literally! Although the first stretch ceiling was installed in 1969, the technique has remained quite specialized outside Europe for the past 45 years. In the last few years, we have seen more of it in installations, trade shows and commercial applications. There are many new lightweight materials that are strong and have become popular for home applications.

Stretch ceilings are a suspended ceiling system that uses two components: a light perimeter walkway (usually aluminum) and a lightweight canvas-like membrane that is stretched and secured to the runway. This system is great for maintaining wall coverings, light diffusers and floating panels and is often used in exhibitions and pop-ups.

Thanks to their reliable nature and uncomplicated setup, stretch ceilings are flexible and can fit into rooms of any shape. A large selection of background supports means that stretch ceilings still allow you to switch on all types of luminaires (including existing luminaires), smoke detectors and vents if required.


Stretch ceilings have many advantages, but the biggest advantage is the installation. The installers provide a perimeter path, add fasteners, stretch the membrane on the ceiling and make cuts for bodies. Installing a stretch ceiling does not require demolition, plastering, cutting drywall or painting, which makes it quick and clean compared to other treatments you could apply to the ceiling.

Modern materials mean that stretch ceilings are stable and durable, certified for fire and safety and waterproof. They are made of non-toxic and recyclable materials, self-deodorizing and resistant to mold and mildew. Maintenance is easy: simple dusting or wiping cleans the stain-resistant surface.

In terms of aesthetics, the stretch ceiling gives you the flexibility to pursue almost any mood you want, from lavish and glamorous to purely functional – and everywhere in between. There are options for 3D design, integrated LED lighting, illuminated ceilings, even patterns and textures of wallpaper. You can choose a color that will enhance your room design. And stretch ceilings give the feeling of a higher ceiling due to the reflective nature of the materials used.


We at Codesign believe that bold is the best when it comes to stretch ceilings: creative shapes, integrated lighting, exciting colors and textures are better than ever when built into the ceiling! There are so many creative possibilities! We are sure that it is not superfluous to say that these ceilings are ready to become much more popular and widespread in the future.