We present chameleon wallpaper doors that disappear and adapt to any style of wall decoration, the frame and hinges are invisible, nothing reveals the existence of the door and becomes one with the wall. The idea of this type of hidden or better known as wallpaper doors is to merge with the decor of the wall on which they are placed and be part of it. This type of wallpaper doors are made with a hidden frame and hinges that are not visible on either side of the door.Due to the development of a special system it is possible to minimize the distance of the air gap between the sash and the frame, it also prevents the light. The doors are pre-installed before the finish / coating of the respective decorative wall is laid, the Secret model can be mounted on masonry as well as on plasterboard walls.
The possibilities for the decor of the wall on which the wallpaper door will be installed are very different. It can be with paneling placed all over the wall and the door can be “hidden” with the textures and processing of the paneling.
Other options are to decorate the whole wall and the wallpaper door with paint, decorative plaster, print, wallpaper and various wall coverings with various textures. In the production of doors high quality materials are used, which allow for the implementation of individual solutions and non-standard sizes up to 3 m high.