Skirtings, cornices and friezes

Decorative profiles and elements for interior and facade design, made of rigid polyurethane, manufactured by the Belgian brand Noel & Marquet, giving an overall look and finish. Polyurethane profiles allow you to decorate any room with its huge variety of shapes and sizes, so that it meets every requirement. Decorative ceiling cornices from the series Nomasty , will give the final finishing touch to your ceiling, an excellent solution for areas in front of the curtains, to hide installations, cracks and irregularities.Profiles and elements Arstyl – Complex offer for interior decorative profiles, rosettes, columns, pilasters and various decorative elements that combine style and elegance with excellent technical qualities. The interior profiles for ceiling and wall friezes are 2 m long, roughened on the back to improve adhesion. For curves and curved walls you can use the decorative profiles of the ARSTYL Flex series, which gives you more profile flexibility. Decorative skirting boards from the Walstyl series present a wide range of decorative skirting boards and friezes with a length of 2 m, made of high density polyurethane, easy to install, impact resistant, protect the wall from scratches and damage from furniture. They are factory primed / white / , can be painted in a color of your choice to give a remarkable effect to the room. Exterior decorative profiles Domostyl are strong and resistant to weather conditions, which give their own individuality to your facade. Polyurethane profiles are high density, which meet modern requirements in construction and renovation.

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