CREATIVO® microcimetic coating

Truly unique coating, applicable practically anywhere! CREATIVO® is composed of microcement and resin – a thin, flexible and waterproof material that can be applied to almost any surface – horizontal or vertical, inside and out.

FOR FLOOR OR WALLS: Horizontal and vertical surfaces.

ON ANY BASIS: Can be applied to existing coatings without restriction: ceramic tiles, old (non-perishable) screeds, latex, and sanitary ware.

THIN AS CARDBOARD: The thickness of the material is only 2 to 3 mm – extremely convenient to apply, without the need to dismantle elements such as doors, sills, faience, rosettes.

OPTIONAL COLOR AND TEXTURE: Unlimited colors and shades – the material is pigmented with the desired color, the finish can be glossy, matte or satin texture.

CHARACTERISTICS WITHOUT ANALOGUE : Guarantees excellent adhesion to the bearing base, resistance to scratches and wear. The product is resistant to commonly used detergents in everyday life and production.


Suitable for use in:

  • housing
  • retail outlets
  • industrial buildings

Due to its water resistance and abrasion resistance, the microcement with resins is ideal for all types of objects.


Tested and certified in the laboratory

  • CE marked, in accordance with UNIEN 13813 standard
  • HACCP certified for use in food-grade environments and with
  • Corresponding to the Council of Ministers №236 for dynamic wear coefficient
  • Non-toxic, A + certified for indoor use according to the requirements for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Baths made with Creativo® Microcemento

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