Design and planning

There is always a way!

When you have ideas – we have solutions and will offer you alternatives tailored to the time and budget. The materials and technologies we work with are diverse and innovative, with very wide possibilities of application.

We always monitor the budget of our projects. We synchronize the final product with the client’s budget and do not allow “surprises” in the cost part.

We are in constant contact with manufacturers of materials and colleagues, and monitor current trends, construction opportunities and market prices.

CoDesign offers complete solutions in the field of architectural and complex design, interior design, production of custom furniture and furnishings, construction and luxury turnkey repairs.

Interior projects

CoDesign Center has been working in the field of interior and furniture design for years, and our team of professionals is open to all challenges and individual design.

Complete interior design – including materials for walls, ceiling, floor and furniture of homes, restaurants and offices, kitchen, bathroom and accessories.

Partial interior design – design of furniture bedroom, living room, children’s rooms, libraries, wardrobes, offices. We develop interior solutions for the expansion and reconstruction of offices and restaurants.

You can count on us for:

Repair and installation

There are reasons for our desire to get our hands dirty – we know the materials and technologies better than any craftsman, and the client does not deal with craftsmen, because we take care of everything:

  • Laying and installation of decorative plasters and elements for walls, flooring, external and internal structural elements
  • Manufacture and installation of kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and other stone products
  • Manufacture and installation of furniture and lighting
  • Knowledge and handling of non-mass materials and solutions such as translucent stone, stretch ceilings, microconcrete, recessed lighting and others

This way we can be sure that what we have come up with together will be done with quality and will last over time.

Custom furniture and furnishings

For the home, restaurant or office we design, manufacture and install furniture and furnishings on an individual project. We can furnish a room from scratch, as well as complement and modernize an existing interior.

Architectural design and construction

Want to build? CoDesign performs projects from design through construction to turnkey delivery of the building with maximum quality for the invested funds. We inform you about the permissible norms for construction of your plot, renovation, reconstruction, reconstruction or change of purpose. We offer suitable construction materials, as well as the opinion of specialists in construction and installation.

Let `s work together!


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