Decorative coating CREATIVO® METAL

CREATIVO ® METAL is a liquid metal, easily formed depending on the need and imagination of the person working with it to achieve very smooth finishes, such as metal lamellas (foils) or more material textural and tactile effects, reminiscent of the most experienced Italian masters of metal, both in the modern aspect and in the historical one.

Finish , liquid metal , for high quality decoration with interior and exterior applications.


CREATIVO ® METAL is an aliphatic-based polyurethane finish with pure metal powder and is designed for high-value decorations. It can transform any surface and object due to high adhesion, hardness, and, thanks to its strength, it is possible to apply both horizontally and vertically.

CREATIVO ® METAL is available in variants

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Honey
  • Bronze

Variety of colors and effects

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