by , 14.11.2017


Application of artificial stone

The artificial stone allows you to decorate with the imagination. The great variety of colors, shapes and origins will satisfy even the most capricious taste.

• without the geographical limitation of natural stone
• Lower weight
• easy handling
• the presence of angular elements

The application of artificial stone is becoming more and more extensive, in more and more rooms, offices, pubs and buildings we see a decoration inspired by the natural shapes and colors of the stone.

Application of decorative bricks

With decorative bricks you can get the antique or roman character of the rooms and buildings or simply lining a fireplace or barbecue. Extremely close imitation of clay bricks in different styles and colors. The presence of angular elements will eliminate the need for joining at external corners. Gluing is done from the bottom up and the top-down joint. Use high quality Flex Adhesives.
Bricks are a preferred element in the decoration of Bulgarian dining establishments, especially if the purpose is to create warm, cozy, loved people. Appropriate decoration for whole walls or partial accent.

Stone cladding in interior design

Stone cladding is made of decorative concrete slabs of the appropriate shape and size to quickly and easily cover large areas. Available in 2 colors from the model, the decorative plates are suitable for plinth, facade and for large walls. Use waterproof adhesives for exterior applications.

Despite the convenience of covering large areas with cladding stone, its application as an interior solution will not disappoint even the most demanding taste. In combination with other natural materials, you can get an extremely attractive look at your home, hotel, office, restaurant, and so on.