by , 14.11.2017
Silestone is a surface made of 94% natural quartz, developed and designed to decorate kitchens and bathrooms in a contemporary style and in a selection of attractive quartz colors, impressive textures and top quality performance. It is the only surface that guarantees maximum hygiene.

Silestone is a quartz surface that is very durable, with no permanent marks and stains of coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, make-up and many other products from everyday life.

The high degree of impact resistance of Silestone quartz worktops far exceeds that of other products with similar applications (granite, hard surfaces, etc.).

This resistance and durability provide a relaxed and carefree exploitation of the kitchen.
Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Moos scale (the diamond is number 10). Therefore, in
comparison to most other workspaces such as those made of granite or thermos surfaces that can easily be scratched, those from Silestone are not traceable. Silestone is very resistant, but should not be treated with reckless force, it is desirable to be careful with the blades of knives.

Quartz is one of the strongest materials known to man. This makes the end product extremely durable, with a high degree of resistance to external aggressors. With more than 60 colors and three textures for combining: polished, matt or rough, the possibilities are endless.

From the most modern design to the most traditional one, any idea can be realized. Silestone offers more color density than granite, making it easier to choose colors from samples without having to visit a stone gallery. Moreover, Silestone does not require maintenance – it does not have to be sealed and cleaning is very easy.

It is produced in 3 thicknesses – 1.2cm, 2cm, and 3cm and two formats of fascia – 304cm x 138cm (standard) and 325cm x 157cm (Jumbo -for certain colors). This allows us to offer larger sizes than any other with the possibility of a minimum number of joints.