Gypsum elements and lighting

by , 14.11.2017
Hidden gypsum elements and lighting

Our mission is to explore the limits of plaster object design.

The flexibility and versatility of plaster allows our designers to create objects that are functional and will last in time. We constantly improve the new objects’ design in order to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

Plaster is a natural material that has been used for classic decorations since time immemorial. We design contemporary modular surfaces that can transform any space and re-establish plaster decoration.

Plaster is made from 100% mineral gypsum with water and it is well known for its ability to regulate hygrometric conditions in a room.

All of our products are tested and certified with the CE marking that quaranties their compliance with European regulations, particularly with the Low Voltage Directive.

Hidden lighting with gypsum elements for installation and finishing:

Recessed spotlights

Recessed profiles- linear, angular

Wall mounted lights