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Decorative solutions for architectural and interior design projects.
Duralmond is a composite material created by combining vegetable based & synthetic resins with crushed Almond shells.

From this unique and innovative material, we produce a number of decorative ranges that provide volume, shape and texture for wall and ceiling applications; areas of a building which traditionally have been limited to flat, cold surfaces.

Mimetic material: Takes the form of the mould and texture with great precision.

Acoustic Insulation: During the polymerization process, micro-pores are created within the material which makes the “Duralmond” composite a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation material. Additionally, due to the shaped surfaces of the various patterns i.e. not flat, the panels have a dissipating effect on sound and anti-reverberation properties.

Fire Resistant: Under European Norms the product has been certified Certificate Cs2, d0.
Ideal for exterior use: virtually unchanged by the effect of UV rays and totally waterproof.

Ecological Value: we take a vegetable waste product such as almond shell and mould it into a series of biodegradable and recyclable objects.

No maintenance required after installation other than periodic dusting/cleaning.
Easy Installation System: different systems depending on the type of product.
Highly Decorative Item, for walls, ceilings and facades.

We can provide certificates according to Spanish and European Norms. Here you can find a brief description of the technical specs, the norms they comply and the results, under trials with Duralmond material, density 500 grams per litre, painted two sides with acrylic lacquer.

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A universe of shapes and textures to cover walls and ceilings.

Duralmond decorative panels, opens a universe of shapes and textures that can be applied in a field previously limited to flat, cold surfaces. The present range of panels is designed specifically for use in commercial, residential and public spaces. They are particularly of interest to interior designers, architects and specyfiers because they represent a new generation of eye catching panels that do not need supplements and can be used to covey differing aesthetic qualities.

Volumes that escape the two dimensional and which distinguish the spaces they inhabit. The mural effect of these panels provide unique environments through their use on walls and ceilings.

The most innovative and creative designers also use our panels to create headboards, lamps, tables, frames and other furniture items.


Imitation of natural products with great realism.

Duralmond presents a range of products that mimic other materials in high quality and matching realism; thanks to the unique production process, the Textures collections reproduces the original material on which they are inspired, specially wood, leather, stone and rust effects.

These finishes combine dyes and lacquers to add realism and personality.


Large format pieces ideal to decorate facades.

Introducing the new collection of Duralmond architectural lattices. An approach utilising large fretwork panels, these can be used to create depth, to divide areas within a room, to filter sunlight and are for both interior and exterior applications. These are available in a wide variety of finishes, manufactured using our unique `Duralmond’ material or alternatively in phenolic plywood, special MDF board or expanded polypropylene board depending on your installation requirements.


Large experience in worldwide projects.

Flexibility and custom manufacturing.

› We manufacture custom pieces for any type of project.
› Most colours available for finishes in gloss, matt lacquer.


› It can be used on any type of surface, both indoors and outdoors, facades, walls, ceilings.

Personal assistance for each project.

› Our technical team will assist with installation and other customs needs for each project.