by , 14.11.2017

Dekton® is a complex mixture of raw materials, used in the manufacture of the latest generation of glass, porcelain and quartz work desks.

Dekton® transforms for a few hours what it needs for thousands of years, through an exclusive technological process – PST. PST is the process of sintering (thermal processing) of mineral particles so they can connect and change their internal structure. PST technology fully synthesizes innovative processes from the most advanced technology industries.

This evolution represents a technological and industrial leap capable of generating a new process, revolutionary material and a leading product.

Dekton® uses the exclusive PST technology – a high-tech process that achieves an accelerated version of geological processes through which the rocks pass when subjected to high temperatures and pressures for thousands of years.

Through an electron microscope, the reduced porosity of the material and the achieved ultra-compactness of Dekton can be traced back to the sintering process. Its zero porosity and lack of defects that create tension and vulnerability make DEKTON® material completely different from the rest.


  • LARGE FORMAT fascines – XXL
  • Maximum resistance to scratches and stains
  • Maximum resistance to fire and heat
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Practically ZERO water absorption
  • Suitable for outdoor use – UV RESISTANT

Because of its virtually zero porosity, the new Dekton® material is very resistant to the usual household stains and chemical agents. Even the most persistent dirt such as wine, coffee, ink and rust can be easily cleaned. This refers to spills and drops of products for daily use cleaning as bleach or degreasing as well. Oven cleaners do not damage the material.

Dekton® is a surface that is virtually impossible to scratch. Household utensils and other sharp objects do not scratch the material.

Dekton® has very good resistance to high temperatures without any negative impact on the aesthetics or properties of the material. Hot dishes, utensils, pots and pans can to be placed directly on the surface without danger of damage.

The production process of Dekton® allows us to control the pigmentation and aesthetic vision of the material, giving it a better consistency in its entire depth. The result is a product that does not fade over time. Once assembled, the hob will retain its appearance over the life of the product.

Dekton® is extremely resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays and its color does not fade over time, making it a perfect material for internal and external use.

Decton® XGloss – developed by Cosentino’s Research and Innovation Department, a new series of polished, high-tech ultra-compact surfaces featuring a perfect, crystalline glow. The series has waterproof properties, making surfaces extremely resistant to stains. This new line in the Dekton® assortment, produced through nanotechnology treatment and mechanical polishing process, has been developed for 2 years and is called the Nano-coating process.