Decorative Gypsum Elements

by , 14.11.2017
• Production of gypsum ornaments, cornices, friezes, rosettes, decorative columns, etc.
• Gypsum profiles.
• Modeling, model rebuilding, molding.

The decorative gypsum elements are suitable for every style – both classic and modern. Ornamental decorations give great opportunities to give the interior a character and identity that corresponds to the style and peculiarities of the particular project.
The ornaments are tailored to the requirements of the home, office, hotel or establishment where they will be placed.

The possibilities of gypsum decorations such as styles, shapes and colors are unlimited. They can pass through different ages through modern materials. These decorations are always trendy among customers.

The decoration of columns, walls and ceilings with decorative elements in different forms is an old architectural tradition. These sophisticated ornaments have been used in ancient Rome and Greece, and over the years they have gone through all styles – classicism, renaissance, baroque, modernism, always impressing with their beauty and originality.

In modern times, thanks to new materials and production technologies, this type of decoration is possible in a much more accessible and practical form. The new decorative elements for decoration with their modern look, lightness and lower price have already entered many of today’s modern buildings – both residential and public.

Gypsum decorations also are suitable for hotels, restaurants, and restoration of old buildings in different architectural styles.