by , 14.11.2017
Translucent Stone DECO LIGHT STONE

Emotion and wisdom in one product

The translucent stone is an engineered stone of a new generation where part of its production is handmade. The product is available in a wide range of colors and combinations and even natural plants and elements can be embedded.

It is entirely harmless, easy to maintain and is a very good substitute for natural stone. It can be used for decorations for commercial and residential projects.

Fascinating natural patterns; the drama and nuances of light or form; infinite colour variations… Every project begins with the visualisation of a particular effect. We offer a range of products to create your design vision, including an extensive colour palette, infinite pattern choices and practical lighting options.

The natural patterns and hues of real stone, formed over thousands of years, give each Decolight Stone panel a sense of movement that is truly captivating. Once back-lit, Decolight Stone literally comes to life in dramatic 3D effect.

Decolight Stone is our original translucent stone panel and features in many awe-inspiring designs and iconic interiors around the world. This unique product is available in a wide choice of natural stones in an array of exquisite colours.

It’s perfect for walls and facades as well as high use applications such as bar tops or fronts and tables.