by , 14.11.2017

Unique solution – hidden doorframe model BARAUSSE SECRET integrates its doors with the walls.

The result is aesthetic homogeneity and cleanliness. Like a chameleon the door disappears and adapts to every wall decoration style.

The frame and hinges are invisible and the gap between the leaf and frame is reduced to a minimum.

Nothing reveals the existence of the swing door and it becomes one with the wall.

For Secret, Barausse proposes a lacquered finish, available in all tonalities.

Alternatively, Barausse provides a raw leaf which can be painted, and which can be finished on site with the same kind of finish as the walls (painted, decorated, wallpapered, or with other facings).

The design adapts to every need and guarantees infinite possibilities.

Hidden frame

Secret is provided with a frame composed of a system of raw paintable invisible aluminum sections flush with the wall.
The frame also includes adhesive foam rubber strips which guarantee good performance in terms of soundproofing and the passage of light.

Minimum gap between leaf and frame

Thanks to the development of the ‘inclined ledge’ system, it is possible to minimize the air gap tolerance between the leaf and frame. This also prevents light from filtering.

Мodel Secret can be installed on masonry, as well as on plasterboard walls.