3D Wall Panels

by , 14.11.2017

Arstyl Wall Panels are a new product of the Belgian NMC company, made by two famous designers – Michael Bichan and Martin Bogaers.

They are modern and innovative interior solutions. With 3D effect, wall panels can be used as an accent for wall decoration.

The panels are made of polyurethane, impact-resistant, factory-painted with white matt acrylic primer.

They are mounted by gluing onto surfaces and could be painted with paint by one’s own choice. The possibilities for application and design are many.

Material: high density polyurethane (300 kg / cubic meter)

Dimensions: panel length: 1,135 mm (± 5 mm); panel width: 380 mm (± 5 mm)

Thickness: varies from 18 to 45 mm depending on the type of panel.