Interior Design by CODesign Center

by , 14.11.2017
An interior design project could mean :

  • Complete interior design – complete design of apartment – house / apartment, selecting materials for walls, ceiling, floor and furnishing, kitchen, bathrooms, furniture and finishing accessories.
  • Partial interior design – design of separate functional parts (bedroom, living room furniture, children’s rooms, libraries, wardrobes, cabinet, etc.)

Our team at CoDesign Center always respects the client’s wishes regarding the desired atmosphere of the future home / office or other premises. At the same time, we make every effort to maximize the functionality of space without compromising the desired vision.

Another quality of our work is that we always monitor the budget of our projects. In this way, we can synchronize the end product with the Customer’s budget.

Contents of an interior design project :

Architectural filming – visit the site and take all the dimensions of the site
Plan Distribution options – Zoning of the spaces and placing of the basic elements of the furniture. We discuss the options with you, make the necessary adjustments and changes if necessary.
Concept – Specify the style and atmosphere/mood of the project. We discuss the budget.
3D visualizations – visualizations with proposals for complete solutions, including concepts for furniture, flooring, ceilings, walls, lighting. We discuss the options with you and make the necessary adjustments and changes. Once we get to the final version for each room, we go to drawing up technical and working drawings:
Furnishing plan – a detailed layout for all furniture
Ceiling plan – drawings of all decorative elements on the ceilings
Flooring plan – flooring plans with annotation for size, type, color, etc.
Views of Walls – wall expansions with information about type of treatment, color, furniture and all necessary dimensions;
Plan switches, lighting and contacts – to indicate the exact locations of all necessary lighting outlets, switches, contacts, etc.
Explanatory document
Quantity account for materials and products by type of construction works.


CoDesign Center has been working in the field of design for years, with our team of professionals open to all challenges and individual design. We are in constant contact with material manufacturers and other colleagues to keep track of current trends, building opportunities and market prices.

We will be happy to work with you in the future!